Who is J S Gilbert?


The Office Manager, Fresca
The Office Manager, Fresca

I’ve changed the text on this page about 15 times now. I’ve tried to kiss ass to get you to stop and take notice of me, better yet to get you to hire me. But I’m not really a kiss ass guy.

So who is J S Gilbert. He’s a guy who has spent the better part of his life working in advertising and marketing, and one day a long time ago he was producing a radio spot and the talent was hungover. Being in a bit of a bind, and at the urging of the audio engineer, J S decided to voice the spot himself and thus something new was born.

J S has written and re-written radio and tv spots and explainer videos and product rollouts and things for web sites. Some big and many not so big projects. He’s also done craploads of voice over as a sound alike and in his own voice for Clorox, Phillips 66, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Chevy Trucks of Texas and Kentucky, Dodge, PBS and tons of other things big and small. He does voice over for lots of e-learning projects and even promo work for clients like AXS TV.

He understands and consults with ad agencies, production companies and game companies. Yes, J S is the voice for 5 Champions in League of Legends and has done v.o. for over 300 video games, pinball machines and slot machines.

Click on the tab that says Governator Guy and you’ll see a bunch of audio programs (most 1 – 2 minutes long), that J S wrote, voiced and produced for an entertainment client, and you’ll get an idea of who J S Gilbert is.

But what does this mean for you? It means somebody who brings a diverse skills set to the table, as well as decades of experience. If you have a question, a comment or want to see how your project or business can benefit from having J S involved, give a call to 415.336.6238 or js@jsgilbert.com. You can also contact one of his agents if it regards voice over.

J S has one simple philosophy “Never judge the work or the client”.

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